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Why Do You Need A Mattress Protector, and How to Maintain It in Good Condition?

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When selecting bedding for home, a mattress cover is always in your list. The mattress is essential in our life which bring great benefits to your sleep, but if it is not protected, it’s easy to get dirty and damaged, our health can be easily threatened by a polluted mattress, which holds millions of mites and allergens. How to protect you and your family from the allergen, eczema ,asthma caused by the polluted mattress ?  Simply put a mattress protector on it and wash it often! Now knowing the importance of having a mattress protector in your home, let’s see how to maintain your mattress protector, and what to avoid when using it.


Wash and clean the mattress protector

Regular Cleaning

Make a regular vacuum on the mattress cover to prevent the dust from forming stains of a wet mattress. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck the mattress from all directions. This is simple but important, to make sure the mattress cover will not form stains due to the presence of a lot of dust when you have accidental liquids spill on it.

Surface Stains

If the surface is stained, use a special detergent for the sofa or interior. These products are designed for the surface of fabrics that come into direct contact with the skin and are not susceptible to allergies or discomfort. These washing products are also particularly effective in eliminating dust mites and their waste. Use an enzyme-containing detergent. Enzymatic detergents help to destroy the structure of the stains, making them easy to clean.

Remove the Mildew

have a "sunbathing". The formation of mildew is mainly due to excessive moisture. Choose  a sunny day, take the mattress cover to the outside and dry it.  wipe off the remaining mold spots. But remember, if it is a latex mattress, avoid exposure to intense light.

Color Stains

Although it is impossible to completely remove such stains, the use of citrus cleaners or vinegar can reduce the degree of stains. Most beverage stains can be dissolved in medical alcohol, but alcohol can also spread stains, so use a cloth with good water absorption. Alcohol to wipe the stains instead of pouring the alcohol directly.


Precautions for use of mattress cover


Most mattress protectors can be machine washed, which is more convenient. After cleaning, make sure the mattress cover 100% dry then use it on your mattress, otherwise it will cause new odor and mold. Sometimes it can take a whole day to be 100% dry. When the mattress cover has a small mold, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner to absorb it, then hang it outdoor to remove the mold. If there is a large area of mold, you should replace a new one. Of course, the reason a mattress is moldy also related to the material of the mattress protector itself. If a mattress cover is breathable and environmentally friendly, the chance of mold on the mattress will be very small. Therefore, choosing a healthy and environmentally friendly mattress cover is the deciding factor in eliminating these trivialities.


The above is the brief introduction of the mattress protector , as well as the cleaning method, maintenance and precautions of the mattress cover. I believe that after you read all above, you are having enough knowledge for the mattress cover. Before the mattress is damaged or polluted, now go choose one mattress protector for you and your family, introduce to your friend, enjoy happy and healthy lifestyle together! 

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